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Lentil Pizza Crust
Water Lily Pops

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I was in Sunnyside Market looking at the chocolate Easter things and my friend handed me a bag of your sweet cacao water lily pops. They are such a treat and will be in my Easter goodie bag for my son.

Finally had the lentil pizza crust. It was really good, not crumbly, not chewy, not dense, nice and light. It tasted like a whole wheat crusts of sorts. Thank you!

We live in a place with few quality wholesome food options. In desperation I turned to buying things like this Ghee online. Clever me. *wink* The first jar was so good it was gone in one week. Second jar is just as nutty-fresh-good. Came fast & well packaged. I will buy this from them again soon.

This is the real deal. The taste and consistency is what real ghee should be. Other ghee products that I have tried are too over processed, horrible taste and smell. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this Ghee.

These pops are actually taste like popcorn… crunchy and light. Wonderful flavour! TANGY CHILLI is my most favourite.

I am so glad to find your lentil pizza crusts. I am allergic to gluten and some nuts. These crusts are so wholesome that I can some just eat them on their own with my dips.

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