Why do we chant mantras while cooking?

Chanting a mantra while preparing food is an easy and uplifting way to enhance the healing energy of a meal. Our vibration goes into food: the emotion and intention we feel while cooking affects how the meal is experienced. Mantra chanting raises the vibration and brings more Parana (life force) to our food.

With the ever-increasing focus on eating fresh, organic, and local, we all want to get the most from the food we eat. By chanting a mantra while cooking or preparing food, we step it up even more. We sing peace and inspiration right into our food.

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the energy, attitude, intention & feelings you have whilst cooking is infused into the food. This energy is then absorbed and digested into the person receiving it. So cooking with love, devotion, and kind energy is essential for optimal digestion. Food not only can nourish your body, but it can also nourish the mind and soul too!


Chanting/ listening to mantras while cooking helps prepare our food consciously. Conscious cooking is when you prepare your meal free of distraction and disturbance, allowing you to focus all your energy and attention on preparing the meal at hand. Envision the meal you are going to prepare, think about the people that you are feeding with this food, and how it will nourish them. Go a step further and reflect on how this nourishing food will benefit their bodies and will give them the energy to use their body to do good in the world through whatever unique skills they have!


Avoid contemplating the problems of the day, your own or others, or allowing yourself to be distracted by watching tv, news or other media. Your meal needs your attention. Everything else can wait. When one cooks with this level of attention, the meal is infused with the cook’s intention. Ayurvedic cooking is not a specific type of food or lists of do's and don't's, but a conscious effort on behalf of the cook to uplift everyone who is receiving the meal being cooked.


We bless each and every every soul that connects with the food that we cook and ask universe to bless us in return for keeping doing what we do – NAMASTE!