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Our Ghee doesn’t need to be refrigerated even after opening. Traditional Ghee never goes bad unless it contacts moisture. Always keep it airtight in a cool dry place and use a dry spoon to scoop out.

As per Canadian organic standards, cows have to be grass fed for the time of the year its available. So, the cows are primarily grass fed i.e fresh grass in summers and hay in winters. However, we don't claim our ghee to be 100% grass-fed because to be honest none of milk produced in Canada is 100% grass-fed. Even the DFC program that offers certification for grass fed requires around 75% of forage year round. Rest is still other plants and legumes like corn, alfalfa etc. that can give cows a balanced nutrient profile.
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We chose to be certified organic for following reasons:
1. We want to be sure that the cows are grass fed for the time of the year it is available.
2. That the grass they are feeding on is not treated with any pesticides or chemicals (which all grass fed sources which are not organic cannot guarantee)
3. We want to be sure that the cows are not fed any genetically modified crops in their feed.
4. When the production of ghee is done, we want our customers to be rest assured that all the cleaning detergents used in cleaning process are non toxic because even though we're eating super clean, organic food if we're cleaning with toxic chemicals, we're negating that.