Blissful Living ghee is made in a traditional and very authentic manner that gives it a unique, distinct flavour. We maintain very high standards in making the ghee. When you dip your spoon into the jar to spread ghee on a toast or add it to your cooking, you can be rest assured that you are introducing high quality oil into all of your cells.

It is very important for us how our food is made. That’s why we always make our ghee while playing/chanting spiritual mantras. We believe that food made with love and consciousness has the ability to increase its vibration and heal our body.

Our ghee can be kept in your pantry away from direct sunlight, covered and does not need refrigeration. The medicinal properties are said to improve with age. Don’t ladle out the ghee with a wet spoon or allow any water to get into the container, as this will create conditions for bacteria to grow and spoil the ghee.

In Ayurveda, ghee – especially when made from local, organic, grass fed butter is the purest essence of the earth element. So, use it daily in your cooking, for health, longevity and a happy soul!